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from destruction!

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The Background

In 2087 the rivers, lakes and sea dried up. The rain stopped falling and the planet turned to dust. Animals started to decline in numbers by the day, meat was scarce. The famished humans roamed the land killing every single beast in sight to feed their hunger. Only the chickens remained, thousands of them locked up in pens row by row churning out eggs by the hundreds of thousands per day. A human would trade a bar of gold for an egg and the pens were heavily guarded to keep the chickens safe from the famished hordes roaming the wastelands.


Point 1

As the remaining water supplies within the human cities continued to diminish by the day, slowly the number of chickens started to decline as only a few drops per day could be spared.

Point 2

The brightest minds in the human race were locked inside a workshop for a year , with the impossible task to build a chicken that didn’t need water to save man kind.

Point 3

One miraculous morning the human succeeded in their quest to save mankind. The chicken came before the egg and the first Robo chicken was born.

Point 4

However, instead of water to feed on. Robo chicken required blood, and human blood was the perfect oil for the machine.

Point 5

The scientists were so over come with joy that they succeeded they jumped in celebration, but due to their weak famished state, jumping caused them to die of a heart attack presenting Robo chicken with his first feed.

Point 6

The taste of human blood gave Robo chicken an instant boost in strength. He burst through the workshop doors and into the Robo release pens, freeing his Comrades.

Point 7

Human kind had no idea what sort of hell had been unleashed on them. Now Robo chickens ruled the land preying on every human they could find.

Point 8

To save mankind from Robo Chickens, every human to hold and capture a Robo Chicken NFT will be awarded vouchers to buy real chicken every month.


Q2 2022

Mint on 25th June
10,000 Robo

Q3 2022

Collaboration with
major global chicken
shop chains

Q4 2022

Implementation of the voucher system to distribute spendable vouchers to holders to be used in major chicken shop chains on a monthly basis . Robo Chickens NFT Play 2 Earn Game will be launched in Q4

Benefits & Utility


Robo chicken holders
will be granted random


Each holder is given
ownership and usage
rights over their NFT


Robo Chicken


ALL NFT Holders will be part of NFT Play 2 Earn Game


Robo Chickens is a collection of 10,000 NFT’s living on the ethereum blockchain

Minting a robo chicken is simple. It is a mint happening on the 25th June at 4 pm UTC . Minting Price will be 0.025 eth . The pre sale is happening on 25th June at 1 pm UTC for whitelisted addresses only . The pre sale price will be 0.020 eth

Robo Chickens NFT’s are limited to 10 per wallet

We aim to give our holders free food vouchers to spend in major chicken shops globally. If you mint 10 NFT’s then we will aim to give you 10 vouchers to use per month. Never go hungry again! You will also be part of Play 2 Earn Game by owning the Robochickens NFT .

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